Jan 16, 2012

Studio Play Time - Pile of Frames

This weekend, we raided our local Goodwill to find a pile of decent looking frames for a fun wall project in the Dowdy Studio. It's a super easy way to fancy up a wall on a budget.

Here's what we did:
First - Raided Goodwill's frame section for cheap used frames. It's good to go with two people on this one. I almost lost a few frames when I had my collection laying on the floor in a pile. I reached over to grab another frame that caught my eye, and some lady was inching towards my frame hoard ready to snatch up the good ones. But I and my ninja fast like moves prevented her from her thefty plan. So our advice is to take another body with you to guard your frame collection while you hunt for more, or get really really good at being a ninja.

Second - Take your frame hoard home to free the 80s or 90s artwork from it's clutches. You may need some scissors or a pair of pliers to open the backs of some frames. If the artwork is exceptionally awesome, keep it!! We decided that this home over grown with flowers sitting in a meadow was a perfect keep. We're actually turning it into another project that we'll show ya laters.

Thirdly - We wanted to preserve the gold interior of the frames, so we taped them off before painting. Some of our frames didn't have a golden interior, but they were already metallic, so we just taped off a portion of it, so we wouldn't paint over it.

Forther - We painted them!! Then we waited for them to dry. I think we went to go get lunch at Good 2 Go, then came back to the studio.

Fifthy - Some frames, we kept the original backing, and wrapped fabric around it. Dylan scored this menswear fabric from a thrift shop for $1.50. DEAL!

Fifthy half - You can make the back pretty with a hot glue gun or super glue or staples, but we didn't have any of that. We did have lots and lots of painter's tape after painting the studio....so...painter's tape it was!! We don't recommend using painter's tape, as it does not stick very well to fabric, but if you put enough on, it will hold it enough. We plan on redoing this part in the future.

Six-ish - We laid out the frames on the floor and arranged them to our likings.

Seventh - Then we hung them on the wall. DONE!! We'll soon get them all ready to hold our jewelry pieces, but we didn't have any supplies for that, and we were tired after all the other work we had done yesterday.  So to the couch we went!!

Come see our projects in person at our New Studio Party on Feb 4th. Click here for deets!!

-Pamela + Dylan

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