Jan 12, 2012

New Studio Adventures - Hung & Done

Creating a studio space invites lots of fun projects to start happening. One thing that was on our project wish list was to hang a giant sign somewhere in the new creative workspace. Many ideas rattled around in our heads before we finally decided to go with a recycled shipping palette. Luckily our local home improvement shop was looking to toss a few unloved ones, and we were happy to take them off their hands. 

Palettes are usually made out of scrap wood, and are easily dinged up and broken while they're doing their heavy lifting at their day jobs. The retired overworked pile of palettes we were given had many broken and missing boards, so before we even got started, we had to pull a few split and broken planks of wood off this piece and replace them with more desirable slats from another palette. We then sanded down the whole thing to protect our hands from getting splinters. After all that, it was fun artsy time!!

We printed a transparency sheet of our logo and slapped it on a projector that Dylan was given by his high school art teacher. This enabled us to outline the letters in pencil on the palette wood.

After tracing the letters, we busted out some paint and got to painting in the lettering. Once we finished painting the D in Studio, we had to stop and giggle, then bust out the camera and shoot the Dowdy Stud. hehe We imagined him being a tattooed bearded muscle man who tames lions in his free time and only eats raw steaks. He lives on a mountain and rides wild bulls to and from the local market, where he tells the town children stories about his youthful adventures. Yup.....we make things up.....a lot.

Dylan then screwed in some metal hooks directly into the wood, so we could loop some heavy duty chain through.

The ceilings in the studio are pretty high, and we are both terribly afraid of heights, so this part took the longest. It involved a ladder, lassoing a chain, freaking out, climbing down the ladder, cursing, contemplating just leaning the sign on the floor, climbing back up the ladder, and finally eating our fear and getting this bishhh hung from the rafters. Phew....makes me nervous just writing about it.

We're happy to have our sign hung and done. We also can't wait for you to come see it at our Studio warming party. We'll post details about it shortly, so stay tuned!! PARTY PARTY PARTY!!!

-Dylan + Pamela


  1. Oooh AND Ahhh! Truly looks awesome and crafty. Love. I think we think the same way, because I was thinking of using one of those shop palettes to create a shelving system for my booth display