Jan 11, 2012

New Studio Adventures

Most people spent their holiday break playing with their new Christmas toys, or hanging out with family or eating lots of sweets and left overs. Well we did that same exact thing, except instead of toys, we had a new studio to remodel, and we brought in family to help make it happen. Oh....we also had lots of coffee, energy drinks, and loud music to keep us going (duh).

One of the big projects in renovating the new studio was building a printing room in the back part of the studio. This is where Dylan will be screen printing all our tees, clocks, coasters and more. We enlisted the help of Dylan's dad Tad, aka Dad Dowdy, to put up some fancy walls. Dylan's dad is a master wood worker and awesome at building things. His history includes set building for movie sets, custom interior work, train model building, and furniture. So it was a no brainer to ask this jack-of-all-trades to help us with this studio undertaking. 

Dylan was put to work on helping his dad build the wall, while I (Pamela) remodeled the bathroom. I declared myself Manager Extreme of Bathroom Design, and worked away in the tiny space making it beautiful awesome!

Building a room isn't as easy and fast as you may think. After building the structure, then framing it out,  you then have to put up dry wall, and cover the seams with fancy wall mud, then wait for it to dry.........and wait......and once it dries, you can put on another layer of mud seam filler......and wait....some......more. While waiting a few days for the walls to dry, we had time to paint a giant gray stripe down the wall, paint the floors, and build a few more projects that we'll share with you soon.

We had the best holiday break we could ask for!! It's always fun working with your best friend in the whole wide world on a huge project.

Support the Dowdy fam!! Check out some of Dad Dowdy's homemade furniture line here.

-Pamela + Dylan

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