Aug 30, 2011

Weekend Recap - The Dustbowl Arts Market

This past weekend we packed up the Wagon and drove 3 hours north to Norman, Oklahoma, the home of the OU Sooners and the Dustbowl Arts Market. We had a great time hanging out with some awesome artists, listening to some great local bands play, and meeting lots of really cool folks.

This was where we parked our Wagon on Campus Corner. The alley across the street has some great graffiti and painted art which was great for getting this shot. We posted more pics of the fun street art on our Facebook page. Check it out.

Our new wooden wall clocks made their first debut. We were happy to send them off to their new loving homes in Oklahoma.

The night before we left we made this giant sandwich board sign to welcome friends into the Wagon. We learned once we set up, that we accidentally painted the arrow on the wrong direction....oops! So we had to improvise with some chalk at the last minute. Everything worked out :)

The Dustbowl was so much fun, and we look forward to traveling back to Oklahoma again soon. While we were away, we received news that we'll be coming back November 4-5 for the Girlie Show in Oklahoma City. We're mega excited!!! We hope you'll come party with us at the Girlie Show! We heart you Oklahoma!!

-Dylan + Pamela

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  1. I was so stoked to see you guys there but when I came by to say hi and check it all out, you guys were swamped! Good for you! :) I wasn't able to get away again so here's my hello :)