Aug 17, 2011

PIllow Party!!!

Here at the Dowdy Studio, we've been busy making all kinds of new goodies. One of our oldest newest goodies are these handmade silkscreened pillows. We debuted them at the Spring Bash back in May, sold out, then made a bunch more because you guys liked them so much. So here's the whole crew. We've glammed them up and had them pose it out as we held a photo shoot this week. All so these cuddlable fellas and ladies could make their grand appearance in our online shop.

We'll not only have them on Etsy, but in the Dowdy Wagon everywhere we go. Since they are made one at a time, it's possible the one you love might be *gasp* gone, but have no fear.....we make them, so we'll make you a new one!

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