Aug 21, 2011

Challenge accepted!

When we see a challenge sometimes it's hard to resist accepting it. This was the case this morning when we saw Etsy Dallas' tweet offering up a MacGyver type challenge from midnight Saturday night. 

After a brief rummage throughout the studio, we realized two things: 1. we don't have a single newspaper on hand, and 2. someone must have broken in and stolen all our paperclips. Since the paperclip bandit could not be tracked down, we decided to improvise and secured the dental floss, two hair pins, and a paper towel. Close enough right? Well we hope so. We hope our improvisation wont get us disqualified from the challenge.

We busted out the scissors and got to chopping up the paper towel. We weren't sure what we were really going to do, but we pulled through. About 5 minutes later this little guys emerged from the rubble.

We submitted our challenge photo to Etsy Dallas, and with fingers crossed are waiting to hear the outcome. Fortunately, we snapped this photo right before our cats learned of our plan to submit it. I don't know if it was the bird, the fact that the ceiling fan was fluttering the paper towel or their plan to sabotage our efforts, but they had a little party of fun ripping it to shreds. So bye bye birdie. We'll miss you.  

Feeling inspired??? We'd love to see your version of this challenge too!! Send your pics to Etsy Dallas' twitter

-Pamela + Dylan

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