Aug 14, 2011

LA weekend trip recap

Last weekend we took a little skip outta town to the lovely city of Los Angeles. The trip was brief, but we got to spend some quality time with some LA family, and see some sights, but mainly just chill. We mean literally, chill - it was 75 degrees in the heat of the day, which was a delightful from the hundred and death degree weather Dallas was experiencing.  

We hit up the airport bar, and bookstore before our plane shot off into outer space, and picked up a little fun read for the ride. This book was hilarious, and I (Pamela) found myself bursting out laughing on the plane ride, then realizing that the plane was dead quiet....I'm sure stopping at the airport bar beforehand didn't help, but hey, it was good times. I challenge you to try it 

Once in LA and well fed, we decided to grab some coffee and head on out to a little shopping area called Abbot Kinney, and we squealed with excitement when we saw these two planter heads. If you follow us on Pinterest, you'll know that we've had a mega head crush on these guys for a awhile. Seeing them in person, was like seeing a big time celebrity movie star, but we just didn't have the guts to get an autograph. 

Then we met a new crush, the Stronghold Steve. Hottie! 

The next evening, we hit up a brat place in the artsy part of downtown. Naturally, we waited an hour and a half just to get in the door. We were reassured that waiting that long wasn't that bad because the place was so good. We found that to be true. 

Across the street was a giant brewery and art gallery....AWESOME!

Somewhere in the weekend we saw palm trees! 

 And the beach! It was cold. 

 So we went to go warm up on Venice Beach with a couple brews and enjoyed the scenery. 

Our last day we went to the Teen Choice Awards, and sat really really close to the stage and played the "who's dat celebrity?" game. You could tell how famous someone was by how many teenage girls screamed at once. Justing Bieber totally won that game.

This is Universal Studios...or a part of it. I think. We walked through it to get to the Teen Choice Awards. This picture isn't really that exciting....we just didn't want to waste it. But right after we took this picture, we witnessed a crazy drunken spring break type Universal Studios.....on a 4pm in the afternoon...yah, by that big tilted globe thing...that was crazy. 

We're happy to be back home and back in the studio making stuff. Plus, we think a teeny bit of the LA weather followed us home!! yay!! We have lots of fun exciting things coming up, and we can't wait to tell ya about them

Cheers for now,
-Pamela + Dylan

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