Jun 22, 2011

Would you like to see our cats?

Just flipping through our photos and realized we have awesome cat pics. And we kinda have to show you. It's important. Since we don't have kids yet, this is all we get to brag about.

Our cat Lulu, is really good at looking like she's up to something, but really she's just waiting for you to just put down the camera and pet her.

When Chester (the intern kitty) was a little kitten, Lulu used to snuggle him on the couch. Now they are either having pouncing duels or racing through the house. Still cute.

We realized Chester had become a young man one day when we found him on the bathroom counter trying to shave his scruff. We told him to keep his burly good looks and that to be a man he just needs to get a job and help support the family, not shave. Silly kitty.

Sandwich Cat!!! Chomp! Ok, just kidding. Sandwich cat is like food art, not food to eat. We don't know where exactly this image came from, but it sure is tasty....i mean cute.

Then there's Yee Haw Kitty - A mixture of our love for cats and Texas roots all in one print of a hand drawn illustration done by Pamela. If you are a big cat lover like us, you should also check out the shirt in our Etsy store.

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