Jun 13, 2011

Craft Party Recap

Last Friday Etsy Dallas and all our friends trekked our way to Oak Cliff and partied it up at Oil and Cotton to celebrate Etsy's 6th bday. Here's some shots of the fun we had

A ton of awesome people came together to make this party happen. I want to thank everyone who made it happen! Oil & Cotton graciously provided the space and rocked two free crafts for guests - leather cuff bracelets and recycled landscape necklaces.

Etsy Dallas team members slaved in the kitchen (or at the store) to bring everyone tasty treats and deserts, as well as a big ol' keg of free beer.

Rosemary, from Paper Beats Rock, was the queen organizer of the whole event. She did amazing!! We are so happy to have her on the Etsy Dallas team with us.

All the cute party guests got shot by Larry, the Kessler Craftsman in the Etsy Dallas photo booth. Everyone's pics will be available on the Etsy Dallas web site soon, and they're free to download! yay!

Dylan served up some tasty beverages for our guests, while Pamela shot pics of the event. Dylan claims that he wouldn't mind being a real bartender if all he had to do was fill up plastic cups from a keg while talking to super cool folk.

All in all we had a great time and can't wait to do it next time. Join Etsy Dallas soon for the Supplies Me Sale. Etsy Dallas members will be cleaning out their craft closets for you to shop. So if you're into crafting and want to buy from some talented artists, come on over to the Supplies Me Sale, Saturday, June 25th.

Super special thanks to everyone who helped put the craft party on!

Anita Mills for weaving on the loom
June Covington for spinning the night away
D.B. Higgins for demonstrating rope making
Society Bakery for supplying sweet cupcake treats
Tamale Company for rolling in the tamale cart (Yum!)

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