Jun 27, 2011

A weekend Recap in Pictures

Heya folks! We had a jam-packed weekend of fun. So much fun, that I'm going to try to fit it all in this one blog post. We're even going to make it confusing and start with the end of the weekend and move our way backwards towards the beginning of the weekend. So put on your bike helmet and follow our bike trail through the weekend. 

Sunday we spent at the Better Block Project's 72 Hour Challenge's reveal day on Ross Ave in Dallas. The event showcased how easily and affordably we could turn around a once deserted through traffic street into a more lively and pedestrian friendly meeting ground for the community. The streets were filled with art vendors, interactive games, food trucks, bike lanes, trees, urban-scaping, and so much more! If you missed it, rumor has it that the gang behing the Better Block will be hitting up different parts of town in the near future. 

On a quick stroll through the festivities, I found two of our lady buddies, Vynsie + Jully from We Are 1976, a local shop where you can also find our Dowdy Studio tees. They had created a cozy bus stop complete with a free art trade section and book swap shelves. We were blown away by the cool!

Just a few steps down the road was a huge tented area made from what looked like recycled vinyl advertising. There was seating and bands playing, along with an outdoor gym, photo booth and food trucks.

Sunday was a blast! It was also hot, but we were happy we decided to install fans in the Wagon just in time for the TX heat. We actually kept pretty cool in our breezy shade-mobile.

Ok, so rewind a bit and we find ourselves at Saturday, where we spent the day volunteering at the Etsy Dallas Supplies Me! Sale at South Side on Lamar.  All the Etsy Dallas members cleaned out their supply closets of unused do-dads and who-whats-its and covered over 10 tables in crafty supplies to sell to the public. 

Above is a group shot of all the ladies sporting their newly loved hair bows that Silla Soup was cleaning out of her stash. See more pics in the Etsy Dallas' gallery. Also check out our hair bow glamour shots.  


Read more about the show on the Etsy Dallas blog

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