Jun 28, 2011

Estate Sale Score!!

I'm not sure if we've mentioned (yes we have), how much we are obsessed with estate sales. Well, we are. It's like a crazy addiction unleashed by out inner need to always be finding beautiful thing to surround ourselves with.

When we moved into a larger place 2 years ago, we found estate sales to be the best place to buy affordable unique vintage furniture to fill our little house. We had a huge shopping list that included a dining room table, dressers, storage and even much more that we eventually just wrote in on our list, since we were finding so many cool things. Sometimes we're lucky enough to find big awesome furniture or art, and other times we're just happy to find little accessories that make us happy.

Like this little bird brooch Pamela rescued from a pile of jewelry, along with a button up blouse covered in racing horses.

In the same pile of jewelry, a small green ring hand painted with a little flower motif. We imagined it came from someone's travels from a far away place where they created many happy memories.

One of our favorite finds to date is this antique mirror we found hanging in a kitchen in a picked through home. It was the only item left hanging on the wall, and the second we saw it we knew we could give it a loving new home. It now rides with us every where we go in our Dowdy Studio Wagon and is perfect for our awesome shoppers to get a glimpse of themselves wearing their new purchases.

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