Jul 18, 2012

Sneak Peek! - New Dowdy Art!

Here's a peek at our newest illustration. I think you pup lovers may like this one. We were inspired by our little Pepper, the newest furry addition to the Dowdy family. Pepper seldom barks, but when she does, you know it. It's a bit startling from her usually quiet presence. She may be barking at something, or she may not. We think she just likes to hear her voice every once in a while.

The first print of this design, we will be donating to DFW Rescue Me, a non-profit organization that helps animals by creating way around euthanization, like fostering, adoption, spaying and neutering, educational programs for pet owners, and more. They will be having a fundraiser dinner this Saturday to help drum up some cash to support dogs who have been rescued from abusive situations.

We love what DFW Rescue Me is doing in the community. It's dear to us, because we recently rescued our little Pepper from a homeless life of street wandering and trash can dinners, and we couldn't be happier. She's a cutie....a cutie that barks randomly at stuff and nothing.

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