Jul 24, 2012

Hot Summer Trendz

Here at the Dowdy Studio we're always on the lookout for the hottest trends. For this trend we didn't have to look far at all. In fact, we just looked at Dylan's arms. He's been sporting this latest trend (or at least what we're jokingly calling a trend) for a few weeks now. Being outside, hanging out in the Wagon at awesome events around town has given him so much sun time. With the weather going from yay to ugh, he's slowly been shortening his sleeves into tanks, and the result is this pretty sweet ombre tan. 

*If you're like "WTF is ombre", skip down to the bottom of this post, and I'll tell ya*

Ombre has hit the fashion and design world hardcore in past year. You've seen in everywhere from top design shows, to top ten lists, to DIY projects, to the clothing racks of stores, and even hair coloring. This trend is still a little new, that some people (dudes) might not know what it is *cough....Dylan...cough*

So like I had to explain to Dylan, ombre is a soft color gradation in a material that goes from a punch of color to a lesser variation of that color or to white. If you still have confused face, hit up pinterest to see a millionz examples, like these: 

OMG! Dresser!

That looks like it took foreverz! LIPS!

Something I might need to try with some old denim and bleech. Because I like to spill coffee. 


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  1. The ombre tan picture is funny. That was me for the first half of summer.