Feb 9, 2012

New Studio Party Recap

Last Saturday we opened our new studio doors and threw down a party to celebrate moving to our new space. We really want to give a huge thanks to everyone who came out to support our studio and our work, and sling back a few beers and glasses of wine with us. We love you!!

We kicked back after working for 2 months straight on creating our studio space with some very cool folks. The Dowdy Studio Wagon welcomed in shoppers, while the Mer-Jack photo cut out partied it up like a lumberjack in a log cutting contest.

From 7-8pm Dylan opened up the Tee Bar, a first in Dowdy Studio history. The Tee Bar was a custom printing bar where partiers could order their tee just the way they like it. We debuted our new Howdy Howdy Howdy Dowdy Design and everyone got to choose their shirt color. While hanging out for your new tee, Dylan printed the shirt right before your eyes. 

Thanks again for such a fun night!! We were so happy to see so many familiar faces and had fun meeting new friends!!

We'll definitely have to do this again!!!

-Dylan + Pamela

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