Feb 28, 2012

Just getting our hair did

After a fun Saturday in Fort Worth with the Dowdy Studio Wagon, and many many other fun weekends, we decided it was time to give the Wagon a little facelift. It's been almost one year that we've been rolling through out town in our mobile shop, and it's time to have a makeover! Just in time for the Wagon's 1st birthday!! 

We spent Sunday afternoon, taking out all of our handmade items and tees, and clearing out the Wagon. I think we found that pair of scissors we've been looking for hidden under one of the displays. Why is it that scissors are always going missing? Is it just an artist thing? We have this issue a lot. Now we know it's our shelves and displays that like to eat them.

After clearing out all the goods and heavy stuff, we gave the Wagon a super duty cleaning to make her shiny and happy, then got to painting. Since we've been staring at the same green wall for almost a year, we decided to change the colors completely and went with a striking yellow and sexy teal. These two colors paired make a great team. 

Next on the agenda is building all new displays. We've learned a few things here and there about how our space flows when it's crowded in the Wagon, and we're hoping to make it easier to shop in and pop out for everyone. We're going to widen the floorspace by building the displays higher into the walls. And you know what that means!!! More efficient dance parties!!!

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