Dec 6, 2011

We Made New Wood Jewelry!!!

My wooded jewelry has made it's way back into our Etsy shop, after quite a break. I found less time to work on them as we were getting situated as husband and wife art team in the Dowdy Studio Wagon at the beginning of this year. I was focusing more on setting up a new website, renovating the Wagon, organizing the Spring Bash and Jingle Bash and all kinds of fun behind the scenes of Dowdy Studio. With the break from making jewelry I found myself with more time to think about new designs. All these new ideas brewed around in my head for months, and I'm so excited to finally be able to present the finished pieces of works!!!

Each wooden necklace is hand cut and wood burned by hand by me. I also hand paint and stain each one to make them all unique pieces of artwork. You will never find two of our necklaces that are exactly the same.

 I secure each wooden pendant on to a thick antique brass chain, which is the finishing touch in this designed and handmade piece.

To go along with the necklaces, I hand make smaller friends for them in the form of adjustable band rings.

You can find all our jewelry in our Etsy shop, or in the Dowdy Studio Wagon. Happy shopping!!


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