Dec 16, 2011


We've declared today Dowdy Day!! In celebration of moving to a real studio in Dallas, TX, and kicking our whole studio out of our red 2 car studio/garage, we've decided to have a Dowdy Studio photo contest and award 2 winners with a free tee of their choice.

To enter to win a free tee from us: 
1. Put on or pose with your favorite Dowdy Studio item (tees, hoodies, jewelry, pillows, tattoos, etc)
2. Capture the moment with your phone, a portrait artist, pinhole camera, office copy machine, or whatever.
3. Upload it to our facebook wall by Sunday at noon.

We'll pick the winners Sunday, Dec 18th, in the afternoon, and let them pick out one of our Dowdy Studio tees to make their own. Then we'll send it along with a million cool points for being so awesome. We are looking for the most creative, funny, awesome photos ever. So stop reading this, and get down to photo shoot'n your bad assed self.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like plan for me and my foxy shirt!