Jul 26, 2011

Images from last weekend

We took a little break last weekend and decided to venture out to the middle of nowhere, TX to explore country life at our friend's ranch house. We packed up our coolers and a bunch of friends and drove and drove until we got there. Here's just a quick visual of some of the pretty things we saw on our way. 

 some great Texas landscapes 

a small town that looked like it could be abandoned

At the ranch house we had a special surprise waiting for all our buddies. We made some fun camp tees to commemorate the weekend. It actually helped it feel like a real life summer camp. We made up a camp song and even came up with talents that we planned on showcasing at our end of camp talent show. We never actually had a talent show, because after all the adventures we were too tired and sunburned to do anything, but we still had a roaring good time.

Now we're back in town, and looking forward to this weekend, when we'll have the Dowdy Studio Wagon at Good 2 Go Taco in Dallas all weekend. This is a special weekend, because it will be our last Dallas weekend of the summer. We're just taking a little summer break to get in the studio and get ready for the fall. We're looking forward to new items, cooler weather and tons of fun!!

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