Jul 12, 2011

Awesome Weekend Recap

Saturday, we wagoned on over to the White Rock Local Market at the Green Spot in East Dallas. There had to be at least 35 vendors selling everything from local produce, homemade cookies and sweets, shrimp,  art and crafts. We met lots of great people who came in and out of the Dowdy Wagon. We also took a little stroll around the market and met the makers behind Red Ranger Ray Guns and Will Ninja. We suggest you go check them out, because them kiddos are cool. 

Sunday, the Wagon arrived at Good 2 Go Taco and we saw their neighbors, Goodfreind, setting up for their big patio party. They pulled out reclaimed church pews for people to sit, and gave out free beer and wine, a sampling of their menu. Hundreds of people came out Sunday to check out the new place and meet up with friends and make new ones. We certainly enjoyed it and cannot wait until this place opens for reals!

Oh OH! And we also brought our new design, Drink Local. Drink Local is actually a redesign of a tee we made for an event in Bishop Arts District called Brew Riot (much fun). We decided to redesign it, so that all people could support their local brewers and makers of drinks. We don't have it online in our Shop quite yet, but we're bringing these bad boys with us in the Dowdy Wagon for now. 

Our other new design, the Cheif Lion, came with us this weekend too. We'd love you to meet them both over at in our Dowdy Wagon at  Bolsa Cafe in Oak Cliff next weekend. Join us for some fun, yum, and awesome handmade shopping. 

-Pamela + Dylan

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