Oct 24, 2012

Fall all over fall with Dowdy Studio, you klutz

Hey loves! We're getting a little cooler outside! While not yet freezing, it's time to get wrapped up in some long sleeves and scarves so you can stumble and fall all over fall. Weee! *jumps into a heap of leaves*

We made these for you:

 Foxy Fox - on a rusty orange ladies slouchy sweatshirt will keep you covered and cute!
Pamela's Scandinavian heritage and love nature brought this little Foxy Fox to life. His fluffy tail is adorned with little flowers that we imagine he's been frolicking in all day. 
 Shave the Whales - on a unisex style long sleeve jersey hoodie. 
We wondered what would happen to a pirate who has been lost at sea for centuries. He'd probably become one with his surroundings and wear a ship for a hat, his hair would turn to rocky waves, his beard infested with whales and a steering wheel for a chin.

To top off any long sleeve Dowdy look, we've created these jersey printed cowl scarves. They are limited edition and come in a variety of prints and colors. Climb on into the Dowdy Studio Wagon to see the whole gang.

-Pamela + Dylan

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