Sep 11, 2012

Weekend recap in pix

Saturday morning started out at the White Rock Local Market. Since we pulled double events on Saturday, we went full blown pop-up tent for the market. Without the Wagon we took up less space, so we invited Dad Dowdy to bring out some of his furniture pieces to show off. Dad Dowdy has been getting ready for the Dallas Flea this upcoming weekend, so we thought this market would be a great chance for him to show off a few new pieces.

Just a shot of our display that Dylan built. The Dowdy Studio sign was made the night before, very last minute, but we think it turned out pretty cool. We may have to use it again.

Immediately after the White Rock Market, the Untapped Festival in West Dallas kicked off. The whole fest was jam-packed with great bands, lots of beer, awesome food trucks and so much fun. We heard the fest was sold out even before doors opened, so if you're thinking of going to this next time, buy them tickets whenever they go up for sale. Seriously, you don't want to miss it.

 From the steps of the Wagon, we got to watch the Antlers, the Givers and Akron/Family do their thing. No complaints at all.

 Night time pic. My phone camera is totally weak mode. Sorry for the blursville pic.

 On Monday we found Pamela in in Dallas Observer's People of Untapped slideshow. Hi Pamela!

That's all the pics we have until this weekend. So come see us at the Dallas Flea at South Side on Lamar on Saturday. We'll have the Wagon out front, and we can't wait to see you!

-Dylan + Pamela

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