Apr 26, 2012

What to wear to the Norman Music Fest

When getting ready to go concerting, one big decision you'll need to make is which tee to adorn your body with. Your tee is an instant statement on who you are, and what you're getting ready to listen to. So to make sure you've got it in check, we've put together a Dowdy tee guide to help you marry the right tee to your body. 

Today's featured concert spot: 

The Dowdy Studio Wagon will be hanging out at the Norman Music Festival 5, Saturday, April 28th as a part of the Dustbowl Arts Market. Come find us at the 100th block of Main St in downtown Norman, OK, and grab a Dowdy tee, so you can be ready to preform your concert going duties.

The Mer-Bear - This tee says "Hey, i'm that relaxed dude, that's ready to have a great time, act silly and listen to some upbeat tunes." Let's Party!!

Guitar Rootings - Some things are better all natural. Get this unplugged version of a rock'n good time and jam out in style.

Rock Hand - When the sound is real good, you may find yourself grabbing for a lighter or the equivalent in a phone app, or throwing up that rock hand and throwing down some serious head banging. Be the ultimate fan and wear your love for the music on your chest in this tee. 

Music is my Weapon - Let's face it, not all of us people are hard core violent when it comes to solving problems. Some of us flip on the boom box and pop a chilaxitive to smooth out any battles headed towards us. Wouldn't the world be a better place if all conflicts could be solved with music?

Folk Yeah - We've been told there's an almost kinda curse word in this design. WHAT? REALLY?!? NO!! Ok ok, you caught us, we did it on purpose. Hehe, we're sneaky. This one is for all those folkers out there. If you like to drink whiskey while you folk, then double bonus for you! If you hate it, then go grab me a bar of soap. Preferably the whisky flavored kind. 

Musicorn - Ladies, we've all got a secret obsession with unicorns, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. This mystical beast just wants to make your music loving experience more magical and sparkly, just like you want it. It doesn't poop rainbows or marshmallows like those other cutesy unicorns. This one is more rock and shoots guitar riffs out of it guitar horn towards crowds of ears.

Get your Norman Music Fest 5 on with us this Saturday in the Wagon. We'll see you there!

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