Nov 7, 2011

The Girlie Show: recapped!

This past weekend we trotted up to OKC for one of our favorite shows of all time, The Girlie Show!! It's a packed house of girl artists selling their handmade goods and artwork, female musicians, tasty foods from local restaurants and fun. 

The show takes place in an old farmers market building, which is transformed inside into girlie-fab awesomeness for two days. 

This is the set up Friday night right before doors opened. It was a packed house. There were eager shoppers and partiers wall to wall. 

A couple shots here of our booth, which Dylan and his dad built the week before the show. The head Girlies in charge liked it so much they even gave us a fancy ribbon for being the best booth. We were ecstatic!! I think we both nearly fainted when the awarded it to us, then we celebrated with some fancy dance moves and a couple beers!!

We had so much fun at the Girlie Show in OKC, that we think we might have rattled the earth. Saturday night, while relaxing in our quiet hotel room, the floor, walls and everything in between started shaking. EARTHQUAKE!!! Seriously. It was our first ever earthquake to experience and it was scary, and exciting and then scary, and then over. Pamela even reenacted the OK earthquake on the drive home.

Now we're back in Dallas, and ready to have fun this Friday thru Sunday at Good 2 Go Taco and Goodfriend Beer garden and Burger House. See you soon!

-Pamela + Dylan

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